Although Afghanistan has suffered from incessant war for over three decades, carpet weaving artisans continue to offer a different story of the country than that of war and destruction. Their stories of resilience are woven in each vibrant masterpiece, knot by knot.

Each Rumi Rug is made entirely by hand, thus making it truly one of a kind. The vibrant colors come from the centuries-old tradition of dying using all-natural dyes from vegetables, roots, and flowers.

Rumi Rugs is able to pay the weavers three times higher than their normal wages by purchasing directly from weavers thus bypassing an average of eight middlemen along the way. Furthermore, to ensure ethical production, the working conditions for these artisans are monitored by an independent, third-party, non-profit entity in Afghanistan.

Rumi Rugs exists not only to help Afghan women weavers proudly sell their products in the U.S. market but also 5% of Rumi’s sales go to a Seed Fund to help start a weaving center in northern Afghanistan. The center will be a hub for the community; offering higher wages, childcare facility, mobile health screening clinics, adequate lighting, and a safe working environment.

Thank you for helping Afghan weavers continue this artisanal tradition and thus making a tangible difference in their lives. As we say it in Afghanistan, a river is made drop by drop!

With respect, 
Khalid Ahmadzai